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Addresses Racism, Injustice, and Inequality

The tragic death of George Floyd has created an inflection point in American society, spurring a national and international discussion regarding racism, injustice, and inequality, which is timely in light of the international effect of COVID-19 having increased and magnified the enormous social inequities that disproportionately impact communities of color. Unfortunately, Mr. Floyd’s brutal and senseless death by Minneapolis police officers adds to a long list of unjust and unwarranted deaths of African Americans by law enforcement officers.

In the past, such tragedies have briefly resonated in the collective consciousness of a large swath of the American public, and cries for justice echoed across the nation. However, these moments of national unity and outrage were often short-lived, superseded by other events that moved them into yesterday’s news – except in the Black and Brown communities in which such occurrences are all too familiar.

This time, however, seems different…

COVID-19 Information

In light of CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19 within the United Sates, FRI is taking the following steps to help visitors stay safe while visiting our office:

  • Our trained staff will welcome and prescreen for COVID risk for everyone who enters our office.
  • We require all of our visitors and staff to wear face coverings.
  • Our staff has the appropriate safety gear when needed to protect visitors and themselves.
  • We have disinfectant available throughout the office.
  • We have increased the disinfection of our office.

During these unprecedented times, we are continuously monitoring, reviewing, and improving our response to this ever-evolving situation.  Please be patient with us as we work to ensure the health and safety of our office staff and visitors.


For over 60 years, researchers at FRI have received federal, state, county, and private funding to conduct studies in the fields of substance abuse, health, HIV/AIDS, mental health, and criminal justice. Recent social research has focused on the development and assessment of innovative strategies in pharmacotherapy, psychosocial treatments, bio-behavioral HIV interventions, and prevention.


FRI operates service projects and conducts research studies in Los Angeles, California through Friends Community Center. These projects and studies are primarily focused on providing HIV and substance abuse prevention services to out-of-treatment substance users as well as methamphetamine abuse treatment for treatment-seeking users.

Grants Administration

By managing all of the functions of grants administration, beginning with the pre-award process through completion of the research project, FRI allows scientists to focus on their research. This division of labor relieves the researchers of the necessary, but extremely time-consuming, work of grants management and allows them to concentrate on their work.

News & Announcements


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FRI Welcomes New Assistant Research Scientist Dr. Karli R. Hochstatter

FRI Welcomes New Assistant Research Scientist Dr. Karen Alexander


Hochstatter, K. R., Gilbert, L., Goddard-Eckrich, D., & El-Bassel, N (in press). Availability of informal social support among women in community corrections who engage in substance use and risky sexual behavior and the impact on health services utilization: New York City, 2009-2012.