Cathy Reback

Dr. Cathy Reback Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to Dr. Cathy Reback on receiving the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award from the City of West Hollywood. The award was given to Dr. Reback in recognition of her outstanding service and contributions to HIV/AIDS and substance use research. Dr. Reback has had an extensive and established scientific career designing, implementing, and evaluating HIV prevention and treatment clinical trials; these include behavioral and biomedical treatment therapies, technology-based and mHealth interventions, venue- and street-based programs, and has conducted numerous community-research collaborations through community-based participatory research. Over the years, Dr. Reback’s work has resulted in countless individuals reducing their substance use and HIV sexual risk behaviors and advancing through the HIV Prevention or Care Continuum. The Lifetime Achievement Award from the City of West Hollywood honors her body of work, which has focused on reducing health disparities and inequities among sexual and gender minority populations that are experiencing substance use and/or living with HIV/AIDS.