Dr. Mishka Terplan Cited on the FORE (Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts) Webpage

FRI Senior Research Scientist, Dr. Mishka Terplan, was cited on the FORE (Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts) webpage regarding a collaborative study between FRI and the University of California, San Francisco with Dr. Sarah Roberts, which focuses on reducing stigma and improving recovery through professional education and around child welfare reporting. This study will convene experts in health, policy, law, and advocacy, along with people affected by the child welfare system, to develop, implement, and evaluate trainings for health care providers, hospital administrators, and public health officials about the legal, scientific, and ethical aspects of reporting people to the child welfare system. The training, which will be delivered through webinars and a self-paced video course, will also cover evidence-based treatments for pregnant and parenting people. Click here to read the full article.