Dr. Courtney Nordeck Receives Two Early Career Investigator Awards

FRI congratulates Dr. Courtney Nordeck on receiving two early career investigator awards. Dr. Nordeck received the Addiction Health Services Research (AHSR; 2023) Early Career Investigator Award. More information about the awardees and selection process can be found at: https://www.ahsrconference.org/2023/awardees-finalists/. In addition, Dr. Nordeck will also receive the NIDA Award for Young Investigators at the 2023 International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) meeting in Marrakech, Morocco. At both of these meetings, Dr. Nordeck will be presenting findings from Dr. Gryczynski’s NIDA-funded study of patient preferences for fentanyl. At the 2023 AHSR meeting in New York, New York, her presentation is titled “Treatment retention among fentanyl-exposed patients: the role of patient preferences for fentanyl over other opioids”. At the 2023 ISAM meeting in Marrakech, Morocco, her presentation is titled “Self-reported strategies for harm reduction in response to the fentanyl drug supply.” In addition, Dr. Nordeck is leading a workshop at ISAM titled “Special considerations for leveraging data systems to support and improve community-based treatment programs for opioid use disorder”, based on her work with the Baltimore Health Leadership Institute.