Thomas R. Blue

FRI Welcomes Assistant Research Scientist
Dr. Thomas Blue

FRI is pleased to announce that Dr. Thomas Blue has accepted a position as an Assistant Research Scientist at FRI.  Dr. Blue’s research focuses on the treatment of substance use disorders and health disparities in criminal justice populations (prisoners, parolees, and probationers). While completing his degree at Texas Christian University, he worked on a NIDA funded project to test the effectiveness of a tablet-application based curriculum for reducing behavioral health risks associated with HIV and AIDS in individuals under community supervision for drug-related offenses. Currently, his research interests include the design, testing, and implementation of emerging technologies to improve the delivery of substance abuse treatment programs and reduce health disparities, specifically HIV and AIDS, within the criminal justice population. His quantitative research interests include the design and analysis of randomized controlled trials; the use of the generalized linear model, its extensions, and the analysis of such designs; and multi-level modeling. FRI is delighted to welcome Dr. Blue and wishes him a prosperous career with the organization.