Native American

The SRC is comprised of a multi-ethnic, interdisciplinary group of behavioral scientists who are committed to cultural awareness and sensitivity and the use of rigorous scientific methodologies in their various studies and in the communities in which they serve. In our recent past, health research involving Indigenous Peoples has typically been conducted by individuals who were not members of the group. Indigenous Peoples have had little representation in the development of the research process; moreover, they have had little influence on the interpretation and use of the resulting data. At the SRC, we recognize that differences in perception between non-indigenous and indigenous peoples affect the research process, and the Center has made a commitment to resolving this imbalance. Thus, our Native American research studies, which include the development and evaluation of evidence based prevention programs for high risk behaviors, are led by Native American research staff.

FRI scientists currently working within this field include the following:

Lead Scientists Diana H. Caldwell, Ph.D.
Collaborating Scientist Jan Gryczynski, M.A.