Diana H. Caldwell

Diana H. Caldwell
Diana H. Caldwell
Affiliated Research Scientist

Ph.D., Public Policy, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.), University of Baltimore
Phone: 410-435-7455
Research Interests

Dr. Caldwell has over 20 years’ experience managing research and has served as Principal Investigator of both SAMHSA and NIH-funded projects. Dr. Caldwell’s research interests focus on innovative data collection strategies that promise to improve the reliability and validity of survey methodology. She believes that such strategies have the potential for adding to the body of knowledge necessary for articulating coherent public policy—particularly with regard to substance use and its collateral legal, medical, and policy issues. As a continuation of proof-of-concept work on her computerized screening and brief intervention software program, Dr. Caldwell is collaborating with the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) to conduct a clinical trial designed to get the intervention software poised for more widespread commercial use. Dr. Caldwell is President of Research Circle Associates (RCA) and has a Research Scientist appointment with UMBC.

Dr. Caldwell’s interests also include human services policy, having spent more than 18 years working with Native Americans in Robeson County, North Carolina. Currently, she is Principal Investigator of an NIH-funded project to use predictive analytics to develop a computer-based organizational performance monitoring and improvement system for small community-based clinics that serve minority populations. This project is a collaboration between RCA and the Social Research Center.