Mackenzie Oettel, M.S.

Mackenzie Oettel, M.S.
Mackenzie Oettel, M.S.
Project Manager

B.A., Public Health and Environmental Science, Franklin and Marshall College
M.S., Community Health, Towson University
Phone: 410-837-3977 ext. 224
Fax: 410-752-4218
Research Interests

Mackenzie Oettel received her Bachelor’s degree from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, majoring in Public Health and Environmental Science. While working for FRI, she earned her Master of Health Science degree, with a concentration in Community Health, from Towson University. At Towson, Mackenzie’s graduate research focused on “Cervical Health Literacy Among Incarcerated Women,” which explored potential health education techniques to increase health literacy and address the increased risk of cervical cancer among women in jails and prisons.

Mackenzie’s main research interests include evidence-based practices on harm-reduction, reducing health disparities among ex-offenders, and decreasing recidivism. She is passionate about social and racial justice and is excited to contribute to research that has a positive impact on the health and well-being of our community.

At FRI, Mackenzie is working as a Project Manager with Drs. Gordon and Vocci on a NIDA-funded study providing long-acting naltrexone to pre-release inmates in order to reduce opiate relapse, overdose, and recidivism upon release from prison.