Avery Lundskow

Avery Lundskow
Avery Lundskow
Research Assistant

B.A., Psychology, The University of Maryland, College Park
Office: 410.837.3977 ext. 288
Phone: 240.778.4323
Fax: 410.752.4218
Research Interests

Ms. Lundskow attended The University of Maryland College Park (UMCP), where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. During her undergraduate career, Ms. Lundskow interned as a research assistant for the Center for Addictions, Personality, and Emotion Research (CAPER) lab at UMCP, in which she studied how the severity of alcohol consumption among college students impacted health behaviors. Currently, Ms. Lundskow is working on her Master of Science degree in Women & Gender Studies at Towson University, with a concentration in Health and Sexuality. Her research interests include substance use disorders, mental health correlates (e.g., bipolar disorder), as well as community and public health, with a concentrated interest in how these research topics impact women and the LGBTQ+ community.

At FRI, Ms. Lundskow is currently working as a Research Assistant for Drs. Carswell and Gordon on two studies that use technology to aid in the treatment of substance use disorders. The first technology study entitled “Continuing Care App for Probationers and Parolees with Substance Use Disorders” seeks to complete the development of a continuing care mobile app and conduct a randomized controlled trial to assess efficacy among clients on probation or parole who are enrolled in outpatient substance use treatment. The app is designed to meet the recovery and personal support needs of probationers and parolees with substance use disorders. The second study entitled “The Daily Progress System – A Recovery Support Tool to Reduce Health Disparities in Outpatient Substance Use Treatment” seeks to develop a mobile-friendly, web-based software program designed to obtain information from substance use disorder treatment clients on a daily basis in order to assess treatment needs and tailor treatment services.

Ms. Lundskow will also be working as a Research Assistant with Dr. Gryczynski on the OUTLAST-B study, which will examine the effectiveness of opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment linkage at STD clinics using buprenorphine, by helping patients with OUD resolve barriers related to navigating a complex healthcare system and promote treatment linkage among STD clinic patients.