This award is given in memory of Daniel Mendelsohn, a pharmacist, a founder and former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Friends Research Institute, Inc. (FRI) (formerly Friends Medical Science Research Center, Inc.). Dr. Mendelsohn was a friend of research for 40 years. He exhibited enthusiasm, energy and sensitivity to the problems and rewards of a research career, especially in the area of mental health. He strongly supported FRI’s mission “to promote health and well being through research, grants administration, education and treatment.” The Daniel Mendelsohn award is intended to encourage new investigators whose work is compatible with this mission.


New investigators in the field of research or education whose work relates to health and well being are eligible for the award. Candidates, who must be members of the FRI organization, must have demonstrated scholarly research potential compatible with the mission of FRI. They must show future promise, evidenced by energy and enthusiasm in research that addresses prevention, treatment or education activities. Candidates for the biennial award are reviewed by the Executive Management Committee of FRI that presents their recommendation to the Board of Directors. Deadline for recommending candidates is May 1 of even numbered years.


Members of FRI’s Board, IRB and staff may nominate candidates who must be personally known to the sponsor. A short biography and CV must be presented with the sponsor’s letter of recommendation. The candidate’s affiliations as well as past and present work in the field of research, education or prevention should be included. Please send nominations to:

Michele Hipsley
Chief Operating Officer
Friends Research Institute, Inc.
1040 Park Avenue, Suite 103
Baltimore, MD 21201


The Mendelsohn Award is a check for $5000 payable to the recipient for her or his personal or professional use. The award will be presented in the fall of the awarding year.


2023 – Karen Alexander, Ph.D.

                 Thomas R. Blue, Ph.D.

                 Karli Hochstatter, Ph.D., M.P.H.

2014 – Jan Gryczynski, Ph.D.

2012 – Steven B. Carswell, Ph.D.

2010 – Shannon Gwinn Mitchell, Ph.D.

2008 – Michael S. Gordon, D.P.A.

2002 – Donnie W. Watson, Ph.D.

2000 – Elizabeth Katz, Ph.D.

1998 – Alice Huber, Ph.D.

1996 – Steven Shoptaw, Ph.D.