The FRI Mentoring Award is given biennially to FRI affiliates. Eligible nominees are Principal Investigators associated with FRI who encourage, enhance and mentor scientists new to the field of research. The mentor assumes the role of trusted friend and advisor to the new researcher.

Nominees for this award should be submitted to FRI by May 1 of even numbered years.


2023 – Jan Gryczynski, Ph.D.
2016 – Shannon Gwin Mitchell, Ph.D.
2014 – Robert P. Schwartz, M.D.
2008 – Robert P. Schwartz, M.D.
2006 – Timothy W. Kinlock, Ph.D.
2006 – Robert J. Battjes, D.S.W. (posthumously)
2002 – Thomas E. Hanlon, Ph.D.
2000 – Steven Shoptaw, Ph.D.
1998 – C. James Klett, Ph.D.
1998 – Walter Ling, M.D.
1998 – David N. Nurco, D.S.W.
1998 – Richard Rawson, Ph.D.