Drs. Michael Gordon and Steven Carswell Receive UG3 Award

FRI is pleased to announce that Drs. Michael Gordon and Steven Carswell (MPIs) were recently awarded a new UG3 grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The FRI Co-investigators include Drs. Thomas Blue, Frank Vocci, Faye Taxman (an Affiliated Scientist), Jan Gryczynski, Karen Alexander, and Mishka Terplan. The research study entitled “Continuing Care App for Justice-Involved Individuals with Substance Use Disorders” will extend the investigator’s successful preliminary work, through COG Analytics, that developed a Continuing Care mobile application for individuals on community supervision (probation/parole) with substance use disorders (SUDs) who are at elevated risk of adverse health consequences such as relapse, re-arrest, and incarceration. The proposed project will enhance and finalize app development and evaluate its effectiveness in a randomized controlled trial. The project has high public health significance due to its potential to provide an accessible, easy to use recovery support tool for individuals on community supervision that could improve their SUD treatment outcomes.