Dr. Brian Hurley Awarded Grant for Prevention of Substance Use in Communities of Color

Dr. Brian Hurley was recently awarded a grant entitled “Stimulant Use Prevention and Treatment in Communities of Color.”   This grant is part of the Department of Health Care Services’ Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Access Points Project, which is funding a network of organizations throughout California to address the opioid and stimulant use crisis by supporting and expanding prevention, education, stigma reduction, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery services for people with opioid use disorder (OUD), stimulant use disorder, and substance use disorder (SUD). The MAT Access Points Project is creating a community of practice that lifts up and makes available racially and culturally responsive population-based and place-based approaches for California’s most underserved communities.

Building on the existing MAT Access Points-funded groundwork laid with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (LACDHS), this FRI project is deploying a stimulant use disorder prevention and treatment educational campaign using materials developed with LACDHS addiction medicine leadership in partnership with LA County’s under resourced communities of color.  FRI will incorporate existing national, state-wide, and local resources addressing the reasons for and impacts of stimulant use as well as information about the full range of stimulant use disorder treatment services available to LA County’s under-resourced communities of color.