Susan A. Tangires, LCPC, LCADC, M.S.

Susan A. Tangires, LCPC, LCADC, M.S.

Susan A. Tangires, LCPC, LCADC, M.S.
Susan A. Tangires, LCPC, LCADC, M.S.

M.S., Clinical Community Counseling, Johns Hopkins University
B.S., Finance, University of Maryland, College Park
Phone: 410-284-3070
Fax: 410-285-3848
Brief Biography

Ms. Tangires has been affiliated with FRI and Epoch Counseling Center since 1998, when she was a graduate student intern at the Catonsville office. Ms. Tangires served Epoch as a coordinator since 2001, first at the Southeast location in Dundalk and then for five years in Catonsville. In the role of Coordinator, Ms. Tangires provided clinical training to numerous student interns, many of whom have gone on to work as members of the Epoch clinical staff. She has also worked in a group private practice in Glen Burnie since 2004. Ms. Tangires has served as the Director of Epoch Counseling Center since 2006. Under her leadership, Epoch has experienced significant growth in the number of clients served annually, and in its overall operating budget. Ms. Tangires was also instrumental in adding new services including mental health counseling and medication management, buprenorphine maintenance, anger management, and intensive outpatient treatment for adults.

Ms. Tangires’ clinical experience includes not only substance abuse treatment, but treatment for a variety of other issues such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, domestic violence, career changes, and relationship problems. She is dually licensed in Maryland, as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC). Ms. Tangires continues to work clinically with both adult and adolescent clients in addition to her responsibilities as Director. She was appointed by Governor Martin O’Malley to the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists in 2009.

Ms. Tangires earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Maryland, College Park and a Master of Science degree in Clinical Community Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. Prior to entering the field of counseling, Ms. Tangires worked for 11 years as a bank examiner with the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Thrift Supervision. This experience provided a strong foundation in accounting, finance, management development, problem solving, and team building which have proven useful in the position of Director.

Selected Publications
Carswell, S.B., Gordon MS, Gryczynski J, and Tangires S (2018). The daily progress system: A proof of concept pilot study of a recovery support technology tool for outpatient substance abuse treatment The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Published online: 30 May 2018.
Gordon MS, Carswell, S.B., Peters EN, Tangires S, Kinlock TW, Vocci FJ, and Restivo L (2017). Avatar assisted therapy: A novel technology-based Intervention to treat substance use disorders In Pam Lassiter (ed.), Annual Review of Addictions and Offender Counseling: Best Practices III (p 97 - 114). Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock Publishers.
Gordon MS, Carswell, S.B., Schadegg M, Mangen K, Merkel K, Tangires S, Vocci FJ (2017). Avatar-assisted therapy: a proof-of-concept pilot study of a novel technology-based intervention to treat substance use disorders American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse 43(5):518-524. doi: 10.1080/00952990.2017.1280816.