Olusegun G. Akinwolere, M.S.W.

Olusegun G. Akinwolere, M.S.W.
Olusegun G. Akinwolere, M.S.W.
Research Coordinator

B.S., Behavioral Healthcare, University of South Florida
M.S.W., New York University
Phone: 410.837.3977 ext. 284
Fax: 410.752.4218
Research Interests

Mr. Akinwolere received his Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Healthcare from the University of South Florida, and received his Master of Social Work degree from New York University. As part of his master’s program, he had a clinical internship at a psychiatric center working with people with severe and persistent mental illness, predominantly with psychotic disorders. His second internship was at a research institute studying a behavioral health intervention called the “Making Connections Intervention” to help Black/African American teenagers with depression.

Mr. Akinwolere works with Dr. Mary Mitchell on a NIDA Clinical Trials Network study, which is part of the NIH HEAL Initiative to address the opioid epidemic. Mr. Akinwolere has a strong interest in behavioral health research broadly and he is excited to be a part of a research team that is actively investigating strategies to help individuals with behavioral health needs.