Friends Community Center Receives Grant

FRI’s community research site, Friends Community Center located in Hollywood, CA, was recently awarded the “Opioid Use and Stimulant Use Education and Outreach in 2S/LGBTQ+ Communities” grant funded by The Center at Sierra Health Foundation. Funding is awarded to organizations throughout California that are focused on expanding prevention and recovery services for people with substance use disorder.

In its second year of funding, The Spencer Project, will focus on implementing a holistic continuum of harm reduction and care services, specifically related to opioid and stimulant use, designed to benefit 2S/LGBTQ+ populations in the Hollywood/West Hollywood area of Los Angeles County. Using a two-pronged approach, The Spencer Project will combine harm reduction education through outreach to the community and a personalized treatment navigation plan for individuals identified as seeking treatment for opioid or stimulant use.