Epoch’s Self-Pay Client Charges Drug Screening
Evaluation – $225
Intake Assessment – $175
Individual Session – $45 – $80
Family Session – $80
Group Session – $45
Intensive Outpatient Program – $225 a day
Fees for drug screening vary based on the type of test, insurance coverage, and referral source.
DUI/DWI Education* Anger Management*
Intake – $175*
Individual Session – $75*
Group Session – $50*
Intake – $85*
Individual Session – $50*
Group Session – $40*

*These fees are standard and may not be reduced or covered by insurance


Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan, with the exception of the DUI/DWI Education and Anger Management programs. These services are not covered by insurance because they are considered to be educational in nature and not medically necessary. You may be eligible for Medical Assistance (MA), which will cover your treatment at Epoch. Click on the following links to learn more and apply for Medical Assistance (MA).


At the present time, the only forms of payment accepted are cash, credit/debit cards, and money orders. We do accept checks.